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Nitin Patil


Yusuke Yakuawa


Dr.Harry Li


Shalvin Prashad


Minh Duc Ong

2019 News:

Open House @ CTI One Corporation

2019 News:

Reflection removal for better path planning ... the reflection tagged with yellow colour are those identified to be removed.

2019 News:

Put GPE (Graphics Processing Engine) on MCU for industrial IoT Applications

2018 News:

Fine Tuning Self Driving ...

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Latest News:

Press Release October 13th 2020

RISC-V imaging system cloud based RFU (remote firmware update) product release. CTI One Embedded System Group has successfully completed a design win on Oct. 13 to fully realize the cloud based remote firmware update to RISC-V imaging system. This product allows IoT and Computer Imaging applications to have cloud remote software update capability. The team members for this design win: Nitin Patil (full stack embedded system), Yusuke Yakuwa (project manager and front end systems), Shalvin Prasad (embedded system and flash program, system testing and debugging), Minh Duc Ong (embedded Computer Vision) and Harry Li (system architect and system engineer)

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